Who We Are 

Founded by real estate and home-building entrepreneur Dr. Brian Simon, Simon.Mortgage came about to fill a gap. There are a lot of mortgage websites out there, but none serve as one-stop resource centers meeting every step of the consumer journey. Brian filled that gap by founding this website and assembling a sharp editorial team to pack it full of helpful information and tools.

States Our Lenders Serve

North Carolina
South Carolina
Washington, DC
West Virginia


Our Mission

The site was designed to be user friendly, with clearly labeled tabs to help you easily find the information you want, from descriptions of different loans to refinance FAQS to a glossary of terms. Plus we have a page dedicated to every type of calculator you could ever need, and beyond.

 At Simon.Mortgage, you’ll find answers to all your questions about home buying plus a list of trusted lenders to get started on your dream of home ownership or your commercial investment. Your journey starts here!

How We Make Money

It’s simple: We select great businesses that pay us to advertise on our site. They’re here to earn your business, and we take that seriously. By carefully vetting our advertisers, we can feel good about offering you the best tools and services to help you make the right decision for your investment.

What We Are & What We Aren’t

Simon.Mortgage is not a mortgage company. It’s a consumer resource website dedicated to providing helpful information and tools for home buyers in the state of Virginia and surrounding areas. The information we provide is intended to help guide your decisions, but it should not replace necessary legal advice.


Meet Our Founder


Brian Simon is a principal broker and entrepreneur who loves helping people achieve their goals. He founded Simon.mortgage to create a place where new homebuyers and investors alike can find all they need for the buying journey. Find our more about Brian here.

Thank you for visiting Simon.Mortgage! We wish you the best on your new venture!