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Learn The Principles Of Financial Success–And How To Succeed In Real Estate–As An Entrepreneur, Real Estate Agent or Home Owner

Can real estate—owning it, selling it, working in it—change your life the way it has for preacher-turned-real estate entrepreneur, Dr. Brian P. Simon?

A new book shows how all facets of real estate can spur wealth, success, and fulfillment.

“Anyone can grow wealth with real estate, via one aspect or another”

“Succeeding as an entrepreneur and real estate investor has much to do with the mind game and emotional endurance,” says Dr. Simon, who owns multiple real estate-related businesses, including construction, mortgage, and realty.






Dr. Brian P. Simon is a serial entrepreneur, specializing in real estate marketing, land acquisition, new construction, and mortgage advisory. He is also the author of a new book,  The Real Estate Journey: From Dreaming and Home Buying to Realty and Entrepreneurship. (Morgan James Publishing, October 15, 2019.) Dr. Simon, who also owns a title company, Lender’s Title, a full-service branding studio, Simon Studios, a real estate firm, Fit Realty, and a home-building company, Custom Homes of Virginia, now helps others embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and shows them how to be successful at whatever passion they pursue.

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